Global Environment Fund (GEF) is a global alternative asset manager established in 1990 to invest in high-growth clean energy, energy and resource efficiency, environmental, and sustainable natural resource management industries throughout the world. Our investments finance innovative businesses that deploy proven technologies, products and services that incrementally make the world economy run with less energy, utilize fewer raw materials, promote improved environmental quality and more efficient use of natural resources. The business models of such companies “lighten the footprint” of traditional industries by delivering tangible reductions in energy consumption, environmental and greenhouse gas emissions, or by making the economy more environmentally sustainable. In addition, the technologies employed by our businesses may address and reduce key environmental safety and security threats.


GEF seeks to create long term, sustainable value for our investors, by partnering with growing, dynamic companies that are driving efficiency for their customers, enabling them to achieve their business and financial goals.

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GEF is a pioneer in sustainability and impact investing with a focus on environmental and resource productivity matters. _?????????????????????????????????_________________________________ 

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