Today, the legacy of GEF’s almost three decades of investments is carried forth by the next generation of investment management professionals who have contributed to GEF’s past and are contributing to the ongoing investment successes we are striving to achieve.

Criterion Africa Partners (“CAP”) – Spun out of GEFCA in 2017, CAP was established by the team responsible for GEF’s Africa Sustainable Forestry investment program.  CAP invests in Sub-Saharan Africa across the forestry value chain including plantation rehabilitation, production of building materials, and biomass energy generation.

GEF Capital Partners (“GEFCP”) – Spun out of GEFCA in 2018, GEFCP was established to carry forward GEF’s middle-market, growth-equity investment programs in North America, South Asia, and Latin America.  GEFCP seeks to invest between $10 million and $40 million of equity in established businesses with at least $3 million of EBITDA within these geographies that operate in certain core environment industry verticals including environmental services, energy efficiency, clean energy, business services, resource efficiency, and water.

Spring Growth Partners (“Spring”) – Spring invests in growing companies that promote environmental sustainability and address climate change. The Spring team played a leading role in the development and management of GEF’s U.S. clean technology and growth investment program for over a decade. In 2021, Spring was formally given responsibility for the management and Investment Committee of GEF’s US Growth Fund II, L.P. fund and its associated investment vehicles and portfolio investments. To learn more about Spring, visit:

John Earhart

Chairman of the Board and Founding Partner

Scott MacLeod

Managing Partner

Katie Vasilescu