GEF seeks to create long-term, sustainable value for our investors by partnering with companies offering products and services that are enabling the next generation of resource efficiency and management.

We classify the resource efficiency opportunity into six distinct categories where we have true domain expertise gained over 25 years. These are sectors where we can bring significant value to bear for the benefit of our portfolio companies, and ultimately for our investors. These are detailed below.

  • Efficiency in traditional energy
  • Clean energy enablers
  • Water sector
  • Waste management
  • Food and agriculture
  • Materials

Our investment approach uses two lenses to filter investments:

  • The first is a financial lens – we seek to partner with leading companies in markets where business growth can result in significant financial returns for our investors.
  • The second is an environmental impact lens – we seek to make investments where our capital can result in a measurable positive impact from an environmental perspective. We track this impact using our proprietary environmental impact assessment dashboard (REPAD).

As a sector specialist GEF is extremely focused on bringing as much value as possible to companies it partners with, and this is evaluated on a case by case basis and forms an integral part of evaluating an investment. In particular, by taking advantage of comparable trends in each of our geographies, we seek to bring our knowledge and best practices to each of our portfolio companies so that they may benefit from our global outlook and experience.

Finally GEF recognizes the value of proper alignment not only with its investors but also with the entrepreneurs and managers of its portfolio companies. In partnering with management teams and entrepreneurs, GEF seeks to align itself as much a possible with these key stakeholders in order to maximize outcomes for all involved.