As a natural extension of the work provided to GEF’s Funds for almost 30 years, GEF Capital Advisors now provides its services to third parties as a core business.

Fund Administration Services
A knowledgeable and responsible extension of your firm, GEF provides Funds customized back office and accounting solutions, using the latest technology, that increase operational efficiency and ensure that your daily operations run smoothly. We will work with you to comply with all accounting and reporting requirements mandated by your Partnership Agreement.

Management Company Administration Services
We function as your second-in-command Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), handling the day-to-day operations of your company to ensure smooth operations.

Regulatory Compliance and Treasury Services
We provide you ways to save time and money, and to keep pace with our changing industry, in the U.S. and globally. GEF has been a registered investment advisor with the SEC since 1991.

A downloadable brochure detailing our services can be found here.  Please contact us for more information.